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Free PHP Login Script, Soon to be Launched

We are at the testing stage of a PHP Login Script that we developed which will be available Free of Charge to all our visitors for both personal and commercial use.

We have designed this login script to be integrated seamlessly in your website template and have added a color picker which will give the user the ability to match the color scheme to that of your website.

Comprehensive installation instructions will be made available in plain English which will enable the average user to set up the data base and install the PHP script.

For those who rather not get their hands dirty we will be offering a low cost installation service.
Our new Free PHP Login Script will have all the functionality that may need such as:

Easy and quick installation on any website.
Comprehensive easy to follow instructions for setting up MySQL database.
Simple, extensive, step by step instructions to install the PHP script.
A step by step guide to integrate the login page within your existing template.
Easy customization of color scheme with your existing website.
Color match system to allow for a perfect match with existing website.
User registration form that will be secured by a Captcha to eliminate spam.
Email conformation of user.
Forgot password feature, which will email password to the user.
Full admin control to manage, edit or delete users.
Email conformation of activated account.
Optional low cost, guaranteed installation service.

In summary, our Free PHP login script will allow a user to register his/her username, chose a password and apply for registration, at which time the admin will receive an email, letting him know that there is a new applicant.

The admin logs into the admin panel and approves the registration at which time the user receives an email confirming registration.
Should the user forget his password he can easily click on �forgot password� and restive it in his email.

This powerful, full featured PHP Login Script will be available April 15th, 2010 for download and installation absolutely Free of Charge.

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